list of things i ought to try to get done before tomorrow’s art walk

Updated, 2:52PM, completed items crossed out: (Think I can get the car loaded in half an hour?)

Finish painting going in circles

Maybe try finishing the two or three mini-paintings I have half-done

Sign & put wire &c. on all finished paintings

Mark T-shirts somehow with size

Take book reviews less personally, somehow

Print price cards for new art & shirts

Load the car; try to be ready to go by 3:30PM

Paintings I need to photograph &/or put online, painted since the last time I posted anything new to

  • ‘lost memories’, Dec08, 12×24″, acrylic on canvas, NFS
  • ‘Untitled’ (collaborative/2009), Jan09, 16×20″, acrylic on canvas, $60
  • ‘interrupted flow’ (triptych), Apr09, ~58×20″, acrylic on canvas, $220
  • ‘going in circles’, Apr09, 30×24″, acrylic on canvas, $166

Also photograph & put online these new Mini-Paintings:

  • ‘scowl’, Jan09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘G is for Grass’, Jan09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘Never Enough’-or- ‘good’, Feb09, 8×10″, SOLD
  • ‘purple tree’, Mar09, 10×8″, $20
  • ‘fluidity’, Mar09, 10×8″, $20
  • ‘spiral compass’, Mar09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘darkness, growth’, Mar09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘love rainbow’, Mar09, 5×7″, $15
  • blue w/filagree (untitled), Mar09, 5×7″, $15
  • purple spirals, blue edge w/red grass (untitled), Mar09, 4×4″, $10

Wonder why I don’t seem to have painted any full size paintings in Feb/Mar

Oh, and sleep. Between now and then, I should sleep.

Followup on today’s to-do-list

Okay, so I did pretty good on my to-do-list for today.  I’m going to go get in the shower as soon as I post this, but I only have the following items to try to do tomorrow (though I’m sure I’ll have a more thorough list before I actually go to sleep tonight):

  • Record more (video) Dragons’ Truth Promos
  • Look at submission guidelines (and submit the book, already!)
  • Look up how-to re: Bookkeeping, online
  • Go to downtown Phoenix and pay the city $1.34

The last item is only half an item, anyway.  pretty good day today, I’d say.

To Do list for today, 5/12/2008

(in no particular order)

  • Shave
  • Make breakfast
  • Record Dragons’ Truth Promos:
  • — 30sec audio promo (35 seconds)
  • Cancelled: — 30sec video promo
  • — 60sec audio promo, incl. Ep.1&2 teaser
  • Added: — 60sec video promo (I’m still finishing up onthis, but it’s recorded)
  • — 60sec video promo, incl. Ep.1&2 teaser
  • — 60sec audio promo for Ep.3
  • — 60sec video promo for Ep.3
  • — Video reading from Ch.1 (<5mins)
  • Check on ASU re-admission/FAFSA (FAFSA received, transcript not yet, check later in week)
  • Look at submission guidelines
  • Upload basic audio promos & new outro to Podiobooks Mentorship forum
  • Fold clean handkerchiefs
  • Put together tithe ($5 short – get more cash before next Sunday!)
  • Pay April taxes (business) (State paid – need to take $1.34 downtown for City Tax, because they don’t allow online payments yet.)
  • Print First Friday balance sheet
  • Do necessary filing (piles of stuff on desk)
  • Recycle old Canon printer
  • Look up how-to re: Bookkeeping, online
  • Write followup letter for 4 First Friday contacts –  mail paper letters, if possible
  • End of day: Shower

NOTE: Most of these are small, fast things.  There’s no real reason I can’t accomplish everything here in 1 day.

Oh, and I’ll come back through and strikethrough items I’ve completed, periodically through the day.  Too bad making this post wasn’t on here.

Items completed, not on original list:
  • Blog about to-do list
  • Take out the recycle / to the curb
  • Calculate Biblical figure timeline from Adam through Israel, verify Adam died before Noah was born, Noah was still alive when Abram(Abraham) was born, Methuselah died AFTER the flood, and if I did my math right, the flood lasted negative two years.
  • Murder my neighbor for blowing leaves around his yard with a gas-powered blower at 11AM, whil I’m trying to record promos for Dragons’ Truth.  Seriously; do your yard work on the weekend, man!
  • Make dinner (bleh – not good tonight)

I don’t GTD, but I got things done today anyway

Today was a relatively good day.  I hadn’t made any overly ambitious plans, I certainly hadn’t made a detailed schedule, but I’d put together a list of things that needed to be done today, and I did them all.  Everything on the list was business-related (things like getting the art I sold this week packed up and shipped out, and marking them as sold on the website), and everything on the list got done.

Mmm... CakeI also managed to write about a thousand words of a short story I’m working on, study (to my frustration) what it takes to make eBooks compatible with MS Reader and Palm Reader, get paperwork over to Lightning Source for getting set up for eBooks (which was then confirmed by email), listened to all of NIN’s Ghosts at least 3 times (I’m considering using part of it for intro/bridge/outro music for my audiobooks, which I am also releasing under CC BY-NC-SA), went to a strange appointment with my car insurance agent which seemed actually about making a contact with a gallery-owner friend of his rather than about insurance, made a nice dinner and ate a big piece of cake as well (okay, I didn’t finish the piece of cake – too much goodness. I mean, look at it!), and watched both of my Netflix DVDs.

Now, I’m going to go cuddle with my wife, and get a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow, more audio work, and more writing, and hopefully another good day.