list of things i ought to try to get done before tomorrow’s art walk

Updated, 2:52PM, completed items crossed out: (Think I can get the car loaded in half an hour?)

Finish painting going in circles

Maybe try finishing the two or three mini-paintings I have half-done

Sign & put wire &c. on all finished paintings

Mark T-shirts somehow with size

Take book reviews less personally, somehow

Print price cards for new art & shirts

Load the car; try to be ready to go by 3:30PM

Paintings I need to photograph &/or put online, painted since the last time I posted anything new to

  • ‘lost memories’, Dec08, 12×24″, acrylic on canvas, NFS
  • ‘Untitled’ (collaborative/2009), Jan09, 16×20″, acrylic on canvas, $60
  • ‘interrupted flow’ (triptych), Apr09, ~58×20″, acrylic on canvas, $220
  • ‘going in circles’, Apr09, 30×24″, acrylic on canvas, $166

Also photograph & put online these new Mini-Paintings:

  • ‘scowl’, Jan09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘G is for Grass’, Jan09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘Never Enough’-or- ‘good’, Feb09, 8×10″, SOLD
  • ‘purple tree’, Mar09, 10×8″, $20
  • ‘fluidity’, Mar09, 10×8″, $20
  • ‘spiral compass’, Mar09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘darkness, growth’, Mar09, 4×4″, $10
  • ‘love rainbow’, Mar09, 5×7″, $15
  • blue w/filagree (untitled), Mar09, 5×7″, $15
  • purple spirals, blue edge w/red grass (untitled), Mar09, 4×4″, $10

Wonder why I don’t seem to have painted any full size paintings in Feb/Mar

Oh, and sleep. Between now and then, I should sleep.