To Do list for today, 5/12/2008

(in no particular order)

  • Shave
  • Make breakfast
  • Record Dragons’ Truth Promos:
  • — 30sec audio promo (35 seconds)
  • Cancelled: — 30sec video promo
  • — 60sec audio promo, incl. Ep.1&2 teaser
  • Added: — 60sec video promo (I’m still finishing up onthis, but it’s recorded)
  • — 60sec video promo, incl. Ep.1&2 teaser
  • — 60sec audio promo for Ep.3
  • — 60sec video promo for Ep.3
  • — Video reading from Ch.1 (<5mins)
  • Check on ASU re-admission/FAFSA (FAFSA received, transcript not yet, check later in week)
  • Look at submission guidelines
  • Upload basic audio promos & new outro to Podiobooks Mentorship forum
  • Fold clean handkerchiefs
  • Put together tithe ($5 short – get more cash before next Sunday!)
  • Pay April taxes (business) (State paid – need to take $1.34 downtown for City Tax, because they don’t allow online payments yet.)
  • Print First Friday balance sheet
  • Do necessary filing (piles of stuff on desk)
  • Recycle old Canon printer
  • Look up how-to re: Bookkeeping, online
  • Write followup letter for 4 First Friday contacts –  mail paper letters, if possible
  • End of day: Shower

NOTE: Most of these are small, fast things.  There’s no real reason I can’t accomplish everything here in 1 day.

Oh, and I’ll come back through and strikethrough items I’ve completed, periodically through the day.  Too bad making this post wasn’t on here.

Items completed, not on original list:
  • Blog about to-do list
  • Take out the recycle / to the curb
  • Calculate Biblical figure timeline from Adam through Israel, verify Adam died before Noah was born, Noah was still alive when Abram(Abraham) was born, Methuselah died AFTER the flood, and if I did my math right, the flood lasted negative two years.
  • Murder my neighbor for blowing leaves around his yard with a gas-powered blower at 11AM, whil I’m trying to record promos for Dragons’ Truth.  Seriously; do your yard work on the weekend, man!
  • Make dinner (bleh – not good tonight)