I don’t GTD, but I got things done today anyway

Today was a relatively good day.  I hadn’t made any overly ambitious plans, I certainly hadn’t made a detailed schedule, but I’d put together a list of things that needed to be done today, and I did them all.  Everything on the list was business-related (things like getting the art I sold this week packed up and shipped out, and marking them as sold on the website), and everything on the list got done.

Mmm... CakeI also managed to write about a thousand words of a short story I’m working on, study (to my frustration) what it takes to make eBooks compatible with MS Reader and Palm Reader, get paperwork over to Lightning Source for getting set up for eBooks (which was then confirmed by email), listened to all of NIN’s Ghosts at least 3 times (I’m considering using part of it for intro/bridge/outro music for my audiobooks, which I am also releasing under CC BY-NC-SA), went to a strange appointment with my car insurance agent which seemed actually about making a contact with a gallery-owner friend of his rather than about insurance, made a nice dinner and ate a big piece of cake as well (okay, I didn’t finish the piece of cake – too much goodness. I mean, look at it!), and watched both of my Netflix DVDs.

Now, I’m going to go cuddle with my wife, and get a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow, more audio work, and more writing, and hopefully another good day.

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