Sync conflict – love v. love

Okay, so I got the iPhone to sync up (or, at least to start – it’s working on it as I type this, and going as slow as I expected, considering it’s USB 1.1), and I’d had it set to sync my contact data – so first it warned me that it was going to move 60+ contacts from the iPhone, and that’s more contacts than I had in address book, and am I sure? And then it pops up to let me know there’s one conflict. So, you know, it’s supposed to be for like which phone number is current, or if you’ve got two last names for someone, which one do you want to keep, okay? (Note: I seem to have named my iPhone “Impossible”.) So here’s what mine showed:

Conflict Resolution

Not having looked at my address book in some years, I had no idea she even had a contact set up in there, and it’s weird (to me) that I would have selected the same field, years apart and on separate platforms, to perform the same non-standard descriptive function. Still, you have to appreciate that I manually entered her contact into the iPhone and manually sought out a field to put that extra piece of sentiment (data) in.

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