iPhone vs. the web

So, I managed to go three whole days owning an iPhone before the web designer/developer in me woke up and started seriously spewing ideas at me about designing my websites for the iPhone. Which is not to say it hadn’t crossed my mind at all in the last few months or the last couple of days (especially as I’d spent some time viewing my own sites on the device), but rather that it had been vague and …well, not really coming from the part of my brain that speaks Web. Simple stuff like “my iPhone will be a great way to show off my art, not just as a slideshow via iPhoto/the photo app on the thing, but by having an iPhone-centric version of my site that anyone could access from their iPhone.” Actually I’ll admit that at first it didn’t occur to me I could just make a slideshow of my art in iPhoto and use that, no bandwidth required – I do tend to think all-things-web.

But today, this afternoon/evening, after three solid days with the device, my brain started exploring the possibilities that most “iPhone specific” versions of sites seem to be totally ignoring. I won’t get into it now, and if you don’t have an iPhone you may never be able to see it, but it should be pretty awesome.

Erg. As I write this I’m having some trouble getting my iPhone to sync. The problem with moving all my music to the PC with USB 2.0 to sync with is no iPhoto on a PC means no slideshow version of the art (or photo syncing at all, really). Gurgle.

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