Posting this from my new iPhone.

So, not exactly the best interface for typing, but sortof awesome that I can get in here and post at all. So, the big news here is that I did decide to go get an iPhone today. Very smooth signup process, my phone number transfered over in a matter of a few clicks and a few minutes. The screen is great. Brilliant. And because I have never used a contacts management program, I manually entered all my contacts by going through my old phone.

One down side is that I’m having trouble syncing with my iMac; it does not have USB 2.0, only 1.1… It connects sometimes, but doesn’t sync. My recently-built Wintel PC has a 2.0 port, and I can sync there, but… my music isn’t on that machine. I’m thinking about moving the 35Gb of music over, but that’s a bit of a big transfer for my 802.11b wireless network. Ah, well. Still fun.

Yay for $200 price drops! That helped me get over most of my doubts about buying it right away.

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