It may be another while

So, I got to the end of what I had thought would be the last step to the creation of this piece, and I’m just not satisfied with the end result. The screws aren’t as visible as I’d hoped, and they do not form as clear an image as I thought they would when I began this project, years ago. Take a look for yourself:

We're Screwed

It just isn’t clear enough that that’s GWB. Or even a face at all. So there’s more work to be done. Something I’d considered a while back but basically dismissed due to the ridiculous amount of time it would take. I don’t want to get into details, and I’m sure I won’t have an accurate estimate of time until I’ve actually worked on it for a while, but probably another fifty or one hundred hours’ work left before I’m done with this next idea… and I hope I can be happy with that, but … at the worst, I should be able to give up on it at that point, I hope. Just let it be.

On a lighter note, I’ve re-photographed just about all of my art (well, the art I haven’t sold) and I’m working on those images (getting colors and such corrected, getting them sized appropriately, et cetera) and a total re-design of the Art section of Modern Evil. The hope is to make the whole thing more obvious, more accessible, and less a drain on unnecessary bandwidth. Also, once I have the images more to my liking, I’m thinking of trying to sell them online (perhaps on eBay, but I’m open to suggestions) more aggressively.

And while I plan to work at least somewhat on writing this month (it IS NaNoWriMo, you know, I’m supposed to write an entire novel from scratch this month), I’d like to try to get as much of the work on the GWB piece (tentatively titled “We’re Screwed”) as possible because I have some amount of confidence trying to get that one shown / sold in the “real” marketplace.

Anyway, the new Art section will be more visual. Thumbnails of all the paintings on the main page, thumbnails of most of them on every page, actually… Paintings grouped by age and by theme and by colors, perhaps. I just … I want things more obvious. And I’m also thinking of putting together a mini bio of myself as I relate to art which will either be on every Art page or at least linked from every Art page.

Sigh. I need to get pack into painting. I haven’t worked on any new projects in a long time. Partially because I always feel like I should be at least trying to finish the GWB piece first, and partially because I tried switching my focus to writing (and never quite got it switched back, I suppose). I have been designing t-shirts, but … not as many as I’d like, and partially due to the complexity of hand-creating the designs I come up with. Short of getting a programmable embroidery machine, my next-in-queue shirt design will require dozens of hours of stitching per shirt, just to carry it out properly.

I should probably be showering. I’ve got to go to work today. Switched my work schedule to Saturday and Sunday, 8-6:30 and Monday and Tuesday, 7-5:30 (I’d have preferred to start at the same time every day, but I guess there’s no one in my department before 8 on weekends). So I’ve got to go to work after a bit, and for a couple of days, because my sleep’s been a bit off I’d decided to just stay up the night to be sure I didn’t oversleep. Which I’ve done. Spent part of the time hanging out with my brother and sister (sometimes I wish they’d be more responsible and go to sleep at reasonable hours – I lose more of my night hours that way, where I think I’m going to have so much time to myself while everyone else is sleeping, but they stay up and they stay up and they stay up and then by the time the sun comes up I feel I’ve been so little productive I take a nap and then they don’t bother to wake me when they see I’ve passed out in front of the computer after telling them I intended to stay awake and I sleep 10+ hours and get a crick in my back), part of it working on those images, and now about an hour making this post. And some idiot is outside honking his horn relentlessly at 6AM on a Saturday, has been for about five minutes. Sigh. If I weren’t so intentionally awake, I might care.

Ah well.

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