I wonder how long it will be before the colored lights start shining in my windows

I heard the car idling, perhaps two houses down, but this is not unusual. Not in this neighborhood, not at any time. Cars idling around, honking, playing loud music – no music tonight.

I was reading some website I look at every Sunday, and then I heard it and froze.


Probably less than two seconds passed and before I was sure I didn’t hear my own house breaking, feel my own body breaking, I was praying. Which is not rare or unusual; I pray every day, usually several times a day, sometimes a lot more than that. And even before I was sure it wasn’t just … I don’t know, an engine backfiring six times, setting off a car alarm with its noise before the idling car spun out and sped off coincidentally, I was thanking God for the time He’s given me, praying that He would be with whoever was in that house, whoever was in that car, my family here, my friends and family around town, thanking and praising Him for all he has given us and asking that his will continue to act in all our lives and in the lives of those just a few houses down who need Him the most.

I can hear crying, wailing, screaming now, coming down the block from that direction. Grief, loss, pain. I can hear whooping and hollering and laughter and partying as well, from someplace else. Still no music.

I’m going to go work on an art project I’d like to get done this weekend. It’s almost November, and there’s a few things I’d like to get out of the way. I’ve got to keep working, doing what I can with the talent and inspiration I’ve been given instead of just working some dead-end job and nothing else. I’m thirsty.

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