Stupid heart

United BLood Services called me last night to harrass me about giving blood, so I scheduled an apointment for this morning. I actually managed to get up and out of bed (after staying up too late again last night) and out the door and to the place within 3 minutes of my appointed time. And was out the door again in about ten minutes – my heart still beats too fast. Duh.

I told the guy on the phone it beats too fast. I told the receptionist, and I told the … doctor? Whatever, the woman who was going to interview me and take my blood. So she checked my “vitals” first instead of going through the 20-30 minute interview first like they normally do. I had been very careful not to get my heart rate up as I drove there or climbed the stairs (which meant climbing the stairs very slowly) and had been concentrating on my “heart breath” as learned from the Wild Divine biometric software, and while the machine took my “vitals” the nurse manually took my pulse as well. She agreed with the machine that it was a little too fast (the machine said 103bpm), but that it was VERY regular, very steady. Which I guess is why I’m so good at the heart breath exercises; the heart breath is supposed to help you get your heart to beat with more regularity, and mine already does. I just … regularly beats way too fast.

…but … “I must be fine, ’cause my heart’s still beating.”

Maybe I should have gone in there last week. They’d have told me I was dead.

Off to work.

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