Talk is "cheap"

Did I mention that due to talking so much on the phone at the wrong hours, I have an exciting $117 in overages charges on the most recent bill? Yeah.

And I’m glad to pay it.

But in discussing it with my father (who gets the bill, since it’s on a “family share plan”), I mentioned that I’d pay even more if I could just get recordings of those nearly 700 minutes of phone conversations I had in that billing period. Alas, such a service is not yet available. Going back over my conversations to see what words actually came out of my mouth sure would be handy for me. I’m sure everything I said was true, but … I’m also pretty sure much of it was insightful into things I haven’t realised the full details of yet.

Then again, if these recordings existed they could be sound-bite-sized down and used against me. For example, more than once in that persiod I said things like “…but what about all the GOOD things Hitler did?”

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