Modern Evil blogs and authors – a warning

The month of July is “Use it or Lose it” month at Modern Evil.

If you have a login here, but you don’t make at least one post in each of the five weeks of July (at least 5 posts for the month, but also at least one per week), your account will be considered “unused” and your access will be removed. If you there is a blog on the site that does not get at least one post per week in the month of July (same as above), it will be considered “unused”, archived, and removed from the site.

Certain areas are immune, such as comic archives of intentionally retired comics, and the art, fiction, poetry, and reviews sections. Other sections, even ‘standard’ sections such as non-fiction, Pit of Geek, Ramblings, and Photoshop PingPong, will be removed if they remain unused. If you are an author who wants to see these and other sections and blogs remain, please take a few moments in July to post in them.

Certain exceptions may be made, I understand we are all human and that it is “vacation season” for some, but unless you come to an agreement with me individually, expect the above qualifications to be true for your account and every section and blog on Modern Evil. In the case of the first week of July, I will consider it to be from June 27th to July 3rd for the purpose of counting posts.

I will be emailing a notice and a link to this post to each registered author for whom I have a valid email address between now and July 1st, but I consider this post appropriate notice. Archives (not publicly accessable) of removed sections and blogs will be maintained for the longer of either five months or as long as I feel like it, beginning at the end of July. This means that if your blog is deleted and you want it re-instated, or you want to put its archives into your archives on another site, I will be able to give you that data at least until the end of 2004. This is not a guarantee, as I cannot insure against events outside of my control such as hard drive failure and the end of the world, but I will do my best to make it true.

If you have any questions or comments, please click below, or email me.

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