a little about work, plus F9/11

Strange, this appears to be my 1000th entry into FYTH in Movable Type. Except that a bunch of them must be “draft” instead of “publish”, because there aren’t 1000 posts actually readable in the blog. According to my calculations (link) this post is actually 993. Anyway.

So, went down to my new place of employment today to fill out some paperwork. Standard stuff, NDA, Drug policy, arbitration policy, yadda yadda, took about 90 minutes to go through it all. Another young woman, Andrea, was hired at the same time I was and was filling the paperwork out simultaneously, and since I didn’t otherwise have direct transportation, she was nice enough to drive me to the drug-screening location. And then home, which was really nice, I thought. She seems friendly and nice, we had a good conversation. I look forward to working with her.

Really I’m mostly glad to be working, and to be employed so quickly after starting to look for work. I did apply electronically before leaving Pine, which may have accelerated things. Having a sister who works in the department (and is a good employee and hard worker) helped, too.

Oh, hey. Going to go see F9/11 tonight. Looks like the 7:15 show at the North Valley 16. You’re welcome to join my sister and I, and if you don’t, I encourage you to watch it at some point. I believe it will prove to be interesting to you regardless of your political or apolitical beliefs.

I’m going to go do that other post I need to do, now.

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