a little post – I start work again tomorrow

Start work in the morning. It’ll have been … looks like 5 days short of 21 months since the last day I worked at Realink. Gotta get up early.

Well, early for me. around 6AM. To give me time to get ready, eat, fool around online, make lunch, all that rubbish, before we have to leave (around 7:15 probably) to go to work. I’m working 8-5 this week for “training”, and will have a much less reasonable schedule very soon. Gotta get my bike in someplace for repairs this week so I can get there and back when that starts.

Anyone know a good and reputable bike repair shop in my area (I’m near 32nd Street and Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ)? I need a basic tune-up, plus a new seat, maybe new grips, new tubes, maybe other odds and ends replaced if worn out, and I want it to be reasonably priced and done well. Nothing fancy, really. But the bike isn’t ridable the way it is now.

Also, it’s late (10:20 as I write this) and I need to get to sleep, so I’ll be brief.

Oh, and I finished another painting, chART number two, and I’ll have photos online as soon as I can. This one’s a pie chart. Woo!

Did I mention I dropped two pounds in my first week on eDiets? Actually, if I count today (since I didn’t start officially until Monday), I lost 2.5 pounds. So, it’s going good. Also, some of their recipes suck. Dinner tonight was … pretty awful. Tomorrow looks pretty good though, we’re having … sandwiches for dinner. That’s hard to make taste awful. We’ll see how I’m doing at the end of the week.

Anything else? Let’s see… start job tomorrow… diet working… need bike repaired… doing pretty good generally, though money will still be pretty tight until my first paycheck on the 16th… I guess that’s that. I’m off to bed.

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