sorry about no posts

been working and eating and sleeping and stuff, just trying to get used to my new schedule. Not quite there yet. Especially since it changes next week. Unless things change between now and then, it looks like I’ll be working Sundays through Wednesdays, 8AM to 7PM. Which is nice, because on M-W, I can ride in with Angela, and ride the bus hom, and on Sundays I can take the bus both ways. Which means no hour-long bike rides to work. Yay! It also means Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off in a row, every week. Which is a nice weekend, yes?

Allright. Well. I’m actually supposed to be getting ready for work right now. So. I go. But tonight I should be able to make a post before I pass out. Last night was a bit of an aberration, since I was asked to join my friends at the Tuesday night Midnight showing of Spiderman 2, which meant that I got 3 hours of sleep Tuesday night, which is why I was too tired to post last night after work. Ah! And Spiderman 2 was a good movie. You should watch it, purely for entertainment. It is also a good date movie, I think, if you do that sort of thing. As opposed to F9/11, which is a good movie that you should watch for political reasons, and a good movie to take someone you disagree with politically to.

And now, really, I go. Lunch has to be made.

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