The business of doing business

I didn’t get much done today, but at least I did something – by way of furniture building. I cut the tenons on the aspen legs for one of the coffee tables my father and I are working on. I had already cut them (generally) for length and had sanded them nicely. Basically, as soon as my father is done with the top, we can glue them in and level it and when that’s done, finish the table and put it out for sale. There is one problem with one of the legs that needs a little glue, and a little time, but I expect that if I do that tomorrow I’ll still be ahead of dad’s progress on the top.

Perhaps tomorrow I shall cut the tenons on the manzanita legs I’ve got prepared. I had made them for a coffee table, but I’ve now had to scrap three different tops for the table, so they’ve been waiting for a while. But dad’s been working on another top… I guess it just needs a little sanding and a piece of glass cut for it, and it’s good to go… so I just have to ask him if there’s anything special needs to be done for the tenons before I cut them, and I can do that tomorrow. And then that’ll be in the same position – legs cut and ready to be inserted into a top that my father is working on.

Except, well, tomorrow the big chainsaw is supposed to come in, and we’re supposed to go up on the hill and cut down a big juniper. Should be plenty of good wood to build many nice items from. Have no idea how much work and trouble it’ll be to get it down and onto the truck and/or trailer and home and … whatever. But with a chainsaw with a 36″ blade, we should be well-equiped. I hope. I have no real experience felling big trees. But after tomorrow (assuming the chainsaw comes in as planned) I will.

Oh, and as soon as my father selects some wood to use for the legs of the thing, there’s a bench he’s working on the … body? top? seat? whatever. He’s doing the part people will sit on, and after he selects some wood, I’m going to get the legs in useable shape. Which, unless he selects a totally burned or complicated piece of wood, shouldn’t be too much trouble. And then, when we get the two tables and the bench assembled and ready to go, he’ll finish them all at the same time, along with the legs of the small table I have been having trouble with (only with the varnish – it is otherwise complete), and we’ll have four new items for the store.

Now, considering the amount of actual work that needs to be done, if we could work even just a couple of hours a day each on the stuff, we should have everything ready to be finished … by the end of this week. Hah! Okay, okay, so, taking into account how things actually go around here, we shall perhaps be able to finish the pieces … by the end of next week, right? And then … let’s see… three to six months to sit in the store … and maybe someday I’ll be able to pay my bills, right?


I think I’m going to go make another post.

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