Morning update

“All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me…”

Is there an end to it? How about a beginning?

I meant to go to sleep early last night. I was pretty tired well before even my brother went to bed at 10. I even laid down before 2. But then a while after 3, when I still hadn’t slept and my mind wouldn’t let me lay there any more, I got back up and started working on an art project.

It’s topical, and has a subject. And it’s big. Looks like … around 48″ by 30″ or so. And I was working on it, doing some of the computer work, and printing out some notes and guides and once I’d done 1/3 of them and it was almost 4:30 I figured, why not just do the rest, they’re going fast. So I did. Actually I ran out of black ink (and Magenta and Yellow) and had to cast the entire thing in pure CYAN to finish printing it, which slowed me down a beat, but I had the guide together and got myself back into bed by 5:30.

And then I kept thinking for a while, but luckily it trailed off. Just some good ideas about how to color, how to design some stencils I’ll need later. I should probably write some of it down, lest I forget it. It’s pretty obvious, now that I have it in mind, but I wouldn’t want to lose such good ideas.

The biggest problem with this particular project that I can see right now is the amount of time it’ll take me to complete it. I know I’ve had trouble in the past keeping enthusiasm and momentum on any single creative project going for more than a couple of weeks. So I’ve nearly figured out how to make it fast. If I can just figure out a quick way to punch/drill hundreds of tiny but exact holes, I’ll be set. The rest isn’t too slow. I’m going to try to find the right piece of wood later today, and get started.

I’m also going to see about getting the legs for my small table peeled. They’ve been soaking for about two days now, so the bark should be easy to remove. And then, assuming my dad still hasn’t gotten around to getting the spraying done, I can try to get the legs affixed to the top before he does so. Don’t know if I can, but I’ll try. Because that would be an additional “completed” project.

Have I mentioned that, working with my father last night, we scrapped the plan we’d had for the coffee table top and I have to come up with a new one? Yeah. So. I haven’t found a new one yet, but I’m working on it. Some in my head. Some out. Did design most of a couch table from some juniper. Dad’ll have to plane it, and I’ve got to find five good juniper posts for the leg assembly… Hah! Good luck! I’m sure I’ll find something…. and then after I work on it long enough, dad’ll find a reason to cancel it.

Or not. Maybe I’ll get the whole thing done before he has a chance.

154.1, eh? Getting close to the end of another week. I don’t feel like I’ve got much done, personally. Of course, things have been accomplished around here at my hand or with my help, but … the things I want or need to do … I haven’t made a lot of progress, it seems. Maybe I should start work on re-writing that novel with dragons who destroy America. I’m thinking of writing the ‘destroy America’ part out. What do you think, ye who knows not what I have written? You think I should make it a longer sequence, and more graphic? A more dramatic sequence with less geographic detail and more emotional detail? You think I should cut it out completely because the rest of the book is suitable for young readers, as you’d originally intended, and you get into some pretty gruesome and horrible murders once the dragons invade America? What kind of an attitude is that? America must not be allowed to go on being … well, wait. That’s the theme of the novel, isn’t it? I guess … I”ll just work on it.

Or something. I need to get more writing done. I’ve reached one of my two goals for the month for wordcount in this blog (20k was one, >Iain was the other), isn’t that good enough? Shouldn’t I go focus on something else? Some other project?

My mind seems already to be shifting to Focus On: Art, though it’s not supposed to start for a month. I really want to work on writing. Want to get another book or two together.

Grr… I must go deal with my bowels. I’ll write more later.

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