Work updates

Okay. The groundwork is laid for the artpiece I’m working on. Next step: carefully determining the placement of and drilling thousands of tiny, tiny holes. Then I remove and destroy all the work I’ve done to the current point, saw, sand, paint, then do another round of what I just did, but with a different sort of stencil, then paint, then repeat those two steps two more times, then clean it up a little, then drive tiny screws into all the holes I’d drilled in … the … next step.

Anyway, that’s coming along.

I peeled the bark off the sticks for the legs for my side table today, as well. Here is a photo of me at work, peeling bark:

Unfortunately, between the lack of gloves and the repetetive force, I seem to have hurt myself. I didn’t notice it at the time. In fact, after I finished peeling all four legs, I moved on and did the first 1/3 of the art project’s layout and still didn’t know I’d hurt myself. And then I went to the bathroom…

And when I tried to turn the handle to open the bathroom door, the friction against my thumb … well … the thick layer of skin on my thumb was quite painfully moved… and I looked at it and it was attached all around, and not a blister (ie: not full of fluid), but … the skin was all bunched up at the base of my thumb. And it HURT. And I slowly massaged the layer of … not really loose, but clearly not attached … skin back into place. Sort of. Which also hurt. And then I slowly learned all the hundreds of ways I use the pad of my right thumb in normal activities, as it still hurts. Though I will admit that it has swollen and filled with some fluid, so is more like a blister now … sigh. It doesn’t feel good.

I didn’t know, at the time, that I was hurting myself. Silly me.

I think I’ll go do a different post now.

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