Working on it

“Why are you still awake at 2:30AM?” is a question you may ask upon seeing the time of my last post. And a valid question it is.

Well, until around 1:45AM I was writing. I got several promising pages of dialog written. I’ve not quite got much in the way of “original ideas” for it, but it does seem to be bringing them together in a way I haven’t personally seen before. And it’s all tied into a pseudo-scientific musing of mine that I doubt will ever see the light of day beyond this story, so in at least one regard it’s “original” science fiction. But moreso, it’s about people and relationships and the extremes people will go to for love and the way those extreme actions are seen by those around them who aren’t seeing their actions through the haze of love. I hope. I’ll keep working on it.

So, that’s good. And then, as I was writing I had music videos on MTV/VH1 running in front of me and thereupon I happened to see a commercial advising me for the first time that Lost in Translation was going to be available on DVD “Tuesday”. So I had to get online and see which Tuesday they meant, and make a plea for it to appear in my collection.

Which I did. And then I was going to head to bed, but .. well, my bowels insisted that they took precedence over sleep, so I looked out the window with a flashlight to see if the “snow” they’ve been predicting had begun to fall (it hadn’t), put on shoes and a coat over my pajamas, and went downstairs to the outhouse. Much better now. And as I’ve been writing this my heart rate has dropped enough that I’ll go try sleeping again.


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