I didnt know it was that kind of site!

Here’s an interesting thing; I just received the following email:

On Feb 3, 2004, at 9:24 AM, admin3@the-insight.com wrote:


I am creating a web directory, The-Insight.com, and would like to include your website Fyth.modernevil.com under the “health/massage therapy and bodywork” category. If you’d like to be added, please follow this url:


We shall put all our efforts into having your link up in less than 24 hours; and if you find our site useful for your visitors, please add a reciprocal link.

Link Back : The-Insight.com – A Spirituality Web Directory.

Thank you very much,
James T. Monaghan

Now, what I didn’t realize was that this site, this blog, this “Fuck Yourself To Hell” is actually in the “health/massage therapy and bodywork” category. No idea. Did anyone else notice this? Have I been posting in my sleep about health, massage therapy, and bodywork? Maybe I should cross-link with “A Spirituality Web Directory”!


Where does this stuff come from? Surely some human must be involved over there. I wonder what they read here that made them email me.

*Looks around for posts made while sleeping*

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