Trying (and failing) to 4-Hour Comic

Okay, so this isn’t going so well. I’m twenty minutes in, hardly have any words typed, and haven’t even finished the basics of the drawing for the first panel.

Did I mention that four-hour comics are crazy? Have you tried one?

I’m building a frame-work, though, so perhaps when I start working from the framework, everything will go faster.

Or maybe it won’t. I’ll keep you updated.


Okay . I . I got the basis for the comic together. With very few exceptions, this will greatly increase the speed with which I should be able to draw panels. SO, I’m going to go get at least … twenty panels done, see where I’m at, and report back here. The time is now … 8:11 PM.


Okay, this is going slow. It is now … 9:26 PM, and I’ve just finished the 6th panel. I think part of the problem is that I am completely re-drawing everything in every panel. And that I am using a semi-realistic setting and perspective and humans. This shouldn’t be taking this long. 5 panels an hour is too, too slow. And how many words is this? Not nearly enough.

So, here’s something else: I was planning of releasing this four-hour comic three days a week, and I created the storyline so that it could easily be broken into four or five panel-long sections that make sense on their own. If I get to 60 panels, the story should last over a month. And actually, the story I have in mind is just part one of a longer story. So. You wouldn’t know whether I finished all the panels in four hours or not, so long as it all appears online in the appropriate schedule, right?

So my focus for a bit will be to get to the 3500 words or so I need to pass 20k words (and beat Iain’s word total).

Here’s a little something about my lamps:

I actually got them both finished today. I even took a series of photographs of them, though due to technological limitations, it appears that I will not be able to put them online until some time tomorrow at the earliest. I think I’ll ask … $250 per lamp, and perhaps offer the pair for as low as $400. There’s a possibility that these prices are too low for people to take them seriously. Which is weird. ’cause I doubt I would spend $200-$300 apiece on table lamps, myself. But I’ve looked at what other people are charging for similar work and it’s there and upwards.

On a similar, and somewhat strange note, I’ve just put together rough sketches and discussions and Heath and I will be working together on another … lamp. Yes, a lamp. A little welding, a little metal-cutting, a lot of grinding, and then … something special. And then some (predictable) trouble getting the very last step or two done, but then it’ll be a lamp we can sell for the same price or more. And it’ll be more in line with the way my creative mind operates than these natural form wood projects started out.

I think I’ll get the feel for wood design after more experience. This idea though, it’s “abstract” and “modern” and I think the sort of people who like my art will really like it.

Which, unfortunately, probably means that no one with money will like it. Sigh.

I’m coming up on eleven o’clock, I’ve got all of 6 panels done on my comic so far, and this post is only about 600 words so far.

I’m going to try another post, see if I can put out 3k words on one topic.

After I do that, since I didn’t get out of bed until 1:30PM today, I may stay up late working on the comic. You’ll see it Monday anyway, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is when I’ll update it. I hope you like it.

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