A little extra challenging

Okay, so as of about right now (as I begin to type this) I have 4.5 hours to complete a Four-Hour Comic AND post over three thousand words on my blog. Which, for those of you keeping track, is insanity.

Probably I could do one, or the other, with little difficulty. Possibly one, and then half of the other. But both? What possibly could be going through my head to make me want to attempt such a thing?

Seriously. This is nuts.

So here’s what I’m gonna do:

I’m going to try to do both anyway. Except I’m shooting for 60 panels on the four-hour comic and 3500 words on the blog. If I can get more panels, great, but really I want to get it all done before midnight. Especially the words on the blog, so they’ll count towards February’s word count.

So, this is your warning, here I go.

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