The 76th Annual Oscars

A quick post:

I couldn’t watch the Oscars (I have only “cable” channels on my current satellite setup), but I’ve just looked up the winners online.

Apparently, LotR:RotK won in every single category in which it was nominated, winning 11 awards. That’s pretty good.

As I expected, Lost in Translation won for Best Original Screenplay and Sean Penn won over Bill Murray. I still haven’t seen either film, but here’s my response: If Will Ferrell had been recognized for his role in Elf, he could have beat them both. Or perhaps I’m silly.

Sadly, Destino did not win Best Short Film (Animated), but happily, Finding Nemo won Best Animated Feature Film.

Sadly, though known, neither Matrix film was nominated for anything. At all. Not even technical awards or science awards. It’s as though none of the academy members even saw the films. $300million dollars spent on developing new visual effects systems, and nothing. WTF?

Oh well. That’s the way the Oscar crumbles.

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