Rough plans for the future

Where am I at?

I live in Pine, Arizona, USA. I live on one acre with my grandparents, my father, and my younger brother. I, luckily, do not share a living space with my father and his parents, but instead with my brother. This affords me some level of comfort, privacy, and personal space that I appreciate.

I have been unemployed for about seventeen months, though by the grace of God and the love of my family I have never come short of paying my bills in that time, nor do I expect to. I live comfortably; I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my belly. My survival needs are met.

I have recently begun work in a new field, that of hand-crafting furniture (mostly natural form wood furniture), and I am beginning to become comfortable with it and to see results. Soon enough, the labor of my hands will be available for the public to purchase, and that will be an excellent source on income to continue to meet my needs. Working with my hands is a uniquely satisfying way of earning a living.

I am continuing creative work in the areas of interest I had begun before. I am writing, I am drawing, I am painting, I am coding, and I am exploring new avenues as well. I completed my first novel this month, and I expect to have my second novel edited and published by the end of March. I have begun transcribing the short stories and poetry that I wrote in and around the time I was in high school, and I will edit and compile them for use in a future publication/collection. I have begun work on two new novels and several new short stories, of which I hope to have at least one of the novels and all of the short stories completed and available in one form or another before the end of April.

I have taken a temporary break from painting, but my mind hasn

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