More on Modafinil and hydrogen cars

Do you remember when I wrote about wanting Modafinil (Also known as Provigil), six months ago? Or when I was talking about it 12 months ago? Or … perhaps you were reading my mind and knew I wanted it back before it was out of FDA trials? (It was approved in 1998, btw, for narcolepsy.)

Well, WIRED has an article about it (and some other sleep/wake-related drugs in development) this month, so now … I don’t know… they say it may become easier to get… but if every geek is trying to get their hands on it… will it become easier or harder?

How is is possible I’m ahead of the curve of WIRED magazine? They predict things years in advance that never happen… or at least haven’t happened yet. Back in 1997 they devoted dozens of pages to explaining the details of the hydrogen-cars that would be 5%-25% of the new cars by last year. Damnit, where are my hydrogen cars?!?

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