The USPS is odd. No, really!

Have I ever mentioned to you that the United States Postal Service is odd? Sometimes they do things much, much faster than expected, and other times they do them much, much slower. Right now I’m in a drought of mail… today I did get my WIRED and my Entertainment Weekly, right on schedule, but … well, there’s a book I ordered used via Amazon for a steal, the complete works of Oscar Wilde, and they ship that out, typically, at ‘book rate’, which takes “from 4 to 14 business days” to deliver. I’ve done this before and got it in two days, but this time we’re nearing the other end of the spectrum. I know when it was shipped. I don’t know what’s taking so long. Actually, here’s a thing: me writing this down will very likely mean that on Wednesday afternoon (Post Office is closed on Monday due to some sort of “holiday”, and I will be in PHX from Monday night through Wednesday morning… I believe) when I go in, the book will be waiting for me. I am also waiting for a “Return Receipt” or… returned letter… from a letter that I sent out, Certified and Return Receipt a couple of weeks ago. First class mail is supposed to get to any destination within 7 days, if it is forwarded from there, up to seven more, and the recipient has 15 days to sign for a certified letter before it is returned… whether they sign for it or not, the return receipt or returned letter may also take up to 7 days to return… so, hopefully the original has at least got to its destination by now… though I could have up to three more weeks before I hear anything back, one way or another… it still is something I hope to see some sort of response to in my box… someday.

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