I am sick.

I do not feel good. I have been trying to sleep since … I don’t remember exactly, eight or nine last night. I can’t remember actually getting any sleep. I do remember having to sit up to sneeze or blow the snot out of my head or cough that painful cough that means there’s stuff in my lungs, and every time it was half an hour or less after the last time I looked. And I couldn’t remember being asleep in between, but then… can you? I don’t know. So yeah, plus every hour or two I have to get up to pee and then I realize I must be getting dehydrated and drink some kool-aid… It has been a fun night.

Probably it was the working in the rain the other day, followed by working in my wet clothes in the cold. Of course, the actual germs must have come from somewhere, the cold didn’t make me sick, it only weakened my immune system. Oh, and then that night after working in the cold and the rain I didn’t get much sleep, which surely couldn’t have helped. So Friday I was a little sore in the throat and beginning to have sinus pressure and a lot of sinus draining. I thought it might be allergies, but then I had chills all night, and night sweats, so I probably have a fever. Then yesterday I could hardly run the store, which is silly; all I’ve got to do is stand there and smile and take people’s money when they want something. But I felt so cold I had to run upstairs and put on a second shirt. In the middle of August, in Arizona.

So, anyway. I’m having trouble sleeping, I feel awful, and I have to run the store again today. Hopefully people will be in a spending mood. I hate to stand there all day, when I could be laying down, just to not make any money. There’s an added bonus: My grandfather may or may not have an immune system right now, so my being sick could be threatening his life. Woo! [cough, cough, ouch] Yeah. Shouldn’t make any sudden movements or loud noises.

I’m going to go try sleeping again. See what happens. In the morning I’ll see if there’s any expectorant downstairs for me to take. This coughing without coughing the stuff up sucks.

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