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The following I just submitted to easyspace ‘support’. Due to this problem, my illness, and potential problems that may arise when switching hosting providers, preMEum may not launch on September 1st. I will keep you informed.

I want to start by saying that I am currently shopping for a new hosting provider due to atrocious service (email and/or web servers down for days at a time with no recourse), and the fact that fully 3/4 of the ‘ask a question’s that I submit go totally unanswered. Still, here’s your last chance to retain me as a cunstomer.

I need to be able to do business with BitPass ( ), a micropayments company. After two weeks of troubleshooting, they have come to the determination that the version of PHP that Zeus uses is not complete, and thus I cannot install their gateway script and cannot use their services. Here is the actual information, copied from their email to me:


My development team got back to me.

The PHP gateway cannot run on the Zeus web server.

The major cause is that the Zeus web server’s support for PHP is not
complete. The Zeus web server does not support a function that is
essential to the PHP gateway. In particular, the Zeus web server does not
implement getallheaders(). See

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the resources to support this

Other options include switching account types with your current hosting
provider (to one using Apache) or switching hosting providers alltogether.

If you decide to do the latter, you might want to consider trying the
hosting provider that Scott McCloud uses, namely


Is there any way for me to get my website run from an apache server, or from a server with full PHP support? How about a partial refund when I have to switch providers because you lied to me about your services (ie: you claimed to support PHP, and yet you do not support the full implementation of PHP)? How about some sort of compensation for all the downtime and poor customer service and support I have received in recent months? Really, anything other than the way you’ve been treating me as a paying customer recently would be nice.

Hopefully, someday, I’ll hear back from you.

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