Back at the Cafe

I’ve got another 21 pages written so far today, which is great. I’ve put another dolalr into this machine, so I get a few more minutes access here. In a couple of hours when Angela gets off work she’ll either decide she wants to go to Essenza with me or not, and I’ll thus either end up there and be able to get home or… I guess I’ll bus home. The last bus leaves Tempe for north Phoenix at 9. The young woman I leant my CP Beta copy of Forlorn to to read, who was supposed to return it to me this morning managed to forget it, so she will be mailing it to me anyway. Again, all is not lost; I’ve got 21 more pages written now than when I showed up this morning. Admittedly, a lot of this part of the story is copy/paste/read/re-read and make only minor changes to, since this is a part of the book I’ve already re-written once for another purpose. Oh, and having written more by far already than was in what you knew as ‘Forlorn’, I am not yet to the point in the story where I even begin to integrate ‘Forlorn’ itself into the story. Maybe another 20 pages from now, I think.

And from there, it really gets weird.

What else? Going back to Pine tomorrow. Saw S.W.A.T. last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Running out of time here, and really want it to save before it kicks me off. Maybe I’ll see you tonight. Maybe you’ll have to just come up to Pine to see me. Either way, have a great day. I am.

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