And on, and on…

Tomorrow, Phoenix. Wednesday, San Diego.

I’m trying to get everything together for the trip. We’re leaving here at a little after 6AM tomorrow, so I have to have everything ready to go before I bed down for the night tonight. I have my clothes, my computer and scanner, my old Velo to lend my father, what else? Toothpaste, deodorant, two paintings… I can’t think if I’ve forgotten something.

I’m printing out pages with 6inch by 6inch squares on them and a description of a single panel of the ‘Mouse’ Project below each square. I’m going to have them with me at the con and try to talk artists into volunteering for the ‘Mouse’ Project. If I can get them to sketch something right there, or take the page home and do it on their computer & email it to me, or anything… that will be better than nothing. Even if only a few panels get done this way, it will be worth it. Plus, I will be making contacts with all sorts of new people who may want to help work on the upcoming experimental collaborative comic I’m working on the scripts for.

I’ve got “please” and “freedom of expression” in the back of the vehicle already. Marie hasn’t got back to me since I responded (via email) to her comment this morning, and I don’t have a phone number or other way to get ahold of her, but if she gets her wish I’ll only be taking “please” with me to the con. (Via the helpful helping-ness of Iain. Thanks, Iain!) Note: for those of you who don’t follow FYTH closely, I will be taking “please” because at the Cafepress booth they will be giving away dozens of mini-prints of “please” (along with limited-edition mini-prints of New Comic); I will see about getting the original painting into the Cafepress booth so people can see that their original artwork can be distributed in print form by Cafepress.

I don’t know. I’m going to bed. I’ll see about more updates in the future.

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