Last post before San Diego

After this, I’m shutting the laptop down, packing it away and turning in for the night. At 4AM I shall be roused, and at 5AM be at the airport, at 6AM be on the plane, and shortly after 7AM, be in San Diego. From there it is more vague… Something about … comics?

I will have internet access while I am at the convention, so I will certainly be posting from the con. In fact, I’m thinking of giving up quite a bit of sleep if need be. To keep the world updated as to my exploits. I will have two convenient methods for taking photos at the con, a Sony digital camera I have got from Fry’s Electronics (I fear I will not be fully satisfied by it, and before the 30-day return period is up), and my new phone (that’s right, I have a new phone now – if you want the number, email me – and it takes photos). So, I may put up a few photos for y’all non-con-people to gander at.

I saw The Pirates of the Carribean and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen today, and I must say I quite enjoyed them both. I shall consider full reviews, but I have the feeling I will have plenty to do in the next few days to keep me busy. Oh, and I saw an advance screening of Spy Kids 3D: Game Over last night. It rocks. Expect a full review when it opens, July 25th. Seriously good fun.

…ummm… can’t think of much else to say right now. … that i haven’t already said. i guess that painting of a chicken (freedom of expression) sold for sure, so will not be making any future appearances by me, in person or in discussion. And.. I’m going to try to carry on that other one. And if they don’t let me… they can refer themselves to the name of this blog. sigh.

That is all. Next post, from San Diego. ta ta!

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