A moment from a dream

This is just a moment from the dream…

I was in a large room, perhaps a large office or private library, working on plans for … something … there were windows all along one wall of the room, looking out and down; apparently the room is on the second floor. I am across the room from the windows, but I get to a particularly … important … part of my work and feel that perhaps I should look outside. I see two catholic cardinals walking by the building I am in, across the lawn. They must have passed each other (or were they talking and just began walking away from each other?) just as I had that feeling that I ought to come look. I am in front of the right-most window, a couple of paces back now, but I can see the cardinal’s head and shoulders as he comes even with me, and he pauses. He pauses as though he has just felt my presence somehow from twenty feet away, and as he slowly turns and begins to look up I take a couple of slow steps further back from the window. I am out of view of the window before his head is turned up, and I don’t know if there is enough glare on the window from the sun that he wouldn’t have been able to see me anyway, but I get a weird feeling that he has somehow sensed me as I sensed him. I wait a few more seconds and then brave a step forward to see if he is still looking up, expressionless, but both cardinals are now completely out of sight of my window.

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