700 entries… a landmark?

This is the seven hundredth post on Fuck Yourself To Hell. Is that meaningful?

So, I was running some numbers through my head yesterday as I sat in the store gallery waiting for customers to walk in (none did), and here are some of them:

Of the ‘currently available art’ I have, including the two I sold a couple of weeks ago, and the two I have finished but not signed yet (a little on that in a moment), about 16% include at least one element that could be considered ‘derivative’ (See Leeloo and Jack/Narrator in ‘lost‘, or Pokey the Penguin in ‘too much baggage‘) in one way or another. About 36% contain letters or words of one kind or another. Eight percent are triptychs (twelve if you count this one). Up to 88% of them are so abstract that they contain no immediately recognizable subject at all, unless you consider concepts proper subjects, and then almost all of them have subjects. Okay, enough numbers for now.

Ooh, except that if I sold all the remaining paintings of the 25 at the deeply discounted rate of the average I sold the three I’ve sold this year for, I’d get just over $2k. If I sold them for full price… over $8k ($4k @ Internet Prices). Seriously folks, by not buying before the SaveME deadline you really missed out on some sweet deals! (Okay, okay, if you email me before the official cut-off of July 16th, I’ll still give you any 16×20 painting for $60, but that’s the end of that. I just want to be true to my word.)

Okay, the unsigned paintings. I recently lost (misplaced? threw away?) the copper paint pen I have been using for the last several years to sign, date and serialize all my paintings. Until a couple of weeks ago, 100% of my paintings were signed in copper. When I’m in Phoenix Monday/Tuesday, I plan (by hook or crook, if necessary) to get someplace where I can buy a new copper paint pen (or two). I will then proceed to sign the unsigned paintings (including the very recently completed freedom of expression), date and serialize them in proper copper. Someday, when I am a valued, successful artist, the two paintings with brush-painted, non-copper signatures will be worth more to someone! Who knows?

Okay, it’s 15 minutes after midnight. I typed longer than I though I would. Should I back-date it so there are more posts yesterday, or start in on making plenty of Sunday posts, too? … …. ….. Sunday it is! Happy 700 fucking posts!

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