Still tired after 600 posts

This is the 600th post on FYTH. I was gonna title it something like ‘I’m tired’ or ‘so tired…’ but I figure that in 600 posts I’ve used that title quite a few times. It’s late, I’ve had a long day, and I have another long, hard day ahead of me. All day tomorrow (that is, today, it’s so late) I’ll be working with my father to hang sheetrock for a new ceiling in two rooms. No, we don’t have any of those fancy devices they make for holding the sheetrock up while it gets screwed in place. Yes, our ceiling is at a fair angle, making holding it in the right place more difficult. Yes, it is just the two of us for most of the day (eventually my younger brother will get home from school and may help, but who know how much help he’ll be, or how far along we’ll be.

Oh, except that since we’re all leaving in the morning Wednesday morning, the whole thing has to be done, and done right, by the end of tomorrow. Which is fine. He and I have done this before, on the other side of this house, in a much bigger, less regular, equally slanted ceiling. Not in one day, but … if I think back 7 or 8 years… I think I can remember … anyway, so that’ll be a long, hard day, then I think everyone’s going to go out and we’re all going to see The Core. You know, if we have the energy to sit still in a dark room for two hours. Oh, and did I mention that on Wednesday, when we all crawl back up the hill, we’ll be taking three vehicles, one of them piloted by me? This is your warning to stay off the roads in the direction of Pine from where I’m at (around 32nd Street and Bell) to the best of your ability on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was going to explain why I was still up! I was waiting for my email to finish downloading, because I was expecting one that wasn’t there, and because I was … well … there’s a website I was supposed to do something at Sunday that I thought I did, but didn’t, and had to do tonight instead. And when I switched from high speed to dial-up, I switched from leaving a month’s worth of email on my mail server to leaving 7 days worth. And I stopped checking mail on my laptop, because .. .well, it seemed redundant to check the same mail on two computers with dial-up. So, I brought my laptop with me to phoenix, so I can check my mail, and for another reason, and I told it to download mail, and man but I love junk mail, which made my download take so long I had time to go do the thing at the website AND write this entry. But it’s done now, so I’m going to bed.

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