Gamecube, 30% off

So, we were out shopping today, I think my dad was looking for some of those big plastic Sterilite tubs for storing stuff in, and I forgot to bring my toothbrush down, so I was looking for a toothbrush, and we stopped at a local SuperKMart that’s having a big closing sale: Everything 30%-80% off. So we browsed around the whole store anyway, to see if they had any deals we couldn’t pass up. Their regular DVD prices were so high that the 30% discount didn’t bring them even down to the regular prices I pay for used DVDs, so I basically walked right by those. Then 30% off the XBox games wasn’t very good either, and they didn’t have anything I wanted anyway. Except there was a Gamecube still in their display case. 30% off a $149.99 Gamecube is $105, which is a fantastic deal you can’t get anywhere else. I had been thinking (before I lost my job, when they dropped the GC’s price to $150) of getting one anyway, or going halfs with Angela on one, like we did the XBox. So Angela and I discussed it a little and had the woman working there pull it out for us before anyone else noticed it. I know, I know, I don’t have any secure form of income, but I just hung my art in Pine and already there’s a lot of interest. I’ve seen what’s selling at other local galleries and am very confident that mine will sell. And since room and board is all covered by my grandparents right now, any product I sell is just butter. So… Yeah, we got it. There was quite a mit of trouble, confusion, and waiting, involving four or five KMart employees to try to figure out how to ring us up, and the wait irritated my dad a little, since they didn’t have the containers he had been looking for and wanted to get back on track, but for $50 off, it was certainly worth my time.

I’m going to leave it here in Phoenix for now, let Angela enjoy it like she does the XBox… keep my eyes out for good prices on the several Gamecube games I’m interested in at Zia and online, and Angela will do the same and probably rent some at Blockbuster. I’m content with her having it and renting games for right now, I have plenty to do in Pine, and in May I’ll be taking back the XBox when I buy Enter the Matrix… Probably I’ll find a Gamecube game or two between now and when I finish Enter the Matrix, and I’ll trade the XBox for the Gamecube after that. We’ll see. It’s something I wanted, anyway, and an amazing price, even if I don’t take it home right away. Moo!

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