Not as bad this time … still bad

So, I managed to buy a used copy of The Ring on DVD yesterday or so, and then before I could take it up to Pine and watch it all by my lonesome in a dark room, my sister insisted that we watch it tonight. I reminded her that it was late and she needed to be able to get up to go to work in the morning, but we watched it anyway.

It was still scary. I still have the feeling something is out to get me. Like there’s something right behind me, or just past my edge of vision in the dark, waiting to scare me to death. I keep turning my head to see, and there keeps not being anything there. I probably won’t feel totally alright until I get home to Pine and make a copy of the DVD. Which, I suppose, doesn’t mean a lot if you didn’t watch (or didn’t understand) the movie. But I tell you what; before I go to bed tomorrow night (tonight, really, I guess, it’s so darn late) there will be a good DVD copy of The Ring, made by my hands. I’m thinking of slipping it into one of the four or five DVDs’ cases in the collection at my local library in Pine the next time I go in. Or convincing someone at Zia to slip it into someone’s bag as a ‘freebie’. I don’t know. I need to make a copy, and to get it out of my hands.

Grr… Yeah. So, it was still scary. I happened to watch it with the only other person in this household who also thought it was scary, which I’m sure didn’t help make it any easier on me. But I have been studying how to write good screenplays, and I’ve been practicing watching movies with an eye for direction and cinematography, and I was able through most of the movie to pay attention to the fact that it was a movie, to distract myself by thinking about what sort of cameras and lenses they might be using and why certain shots were set up the way they were instead of other ways… But there are a few scenese that are just hard to do that with.

I think I’m going to copy the movie in some other ways, too. I think I’m going to catch some stillframes from it and integrate them into a painting of some kind. Something that will probably end up pretty creepy. Which reminds me, I was over at Zoe’s house tonight and at one point we were discussing my art, and how he really likes my new stuff, the way it’s been progressing, but doesn’t know where he’d hang it in his own home… Sort of saying it didn’t go with his style, which is fine, but then he suggested that he’d hang it in the bedroom, but it would probably scare his wife. Keep her up at nights. Some of my stuff, that’s true. I have one … there’s this pleading pair of eyes… some people say they just look scared, but I tell you they scared a woman out of the store on Sunday. She would glance up at them and then turn her head quickly away… she practically ran out of the store. I bet his wife would like a painting like ‘her embrace’ … something about passion and love.

Oh well. I’m going to see if my eyes will close. I haven’t tried yet. There’s a light on in the room I’m supposed to be sleeping in, and … well… I may just not turn it out. I’ll let you know.

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