I’m on my way…

By the time you read this, I’ll at the least be on my way to Phoenix again. Going down this morning and staying until Wednesday afternoon, when they think they can get me to drive myself back. We’ll see. I’m sure I’ll have to practice with the car they want me to drive, a little. Who knows if they’ll allow for that.

The ride down the hill with my grandparents promises not to be fun. I don’t know if it’s something about the shocks on their vehicle or the sensitivity of the steering or just the way my grandfather drives, but I just about always manage to get nauseous when riding with them, even just the 20 minutes between Pine and Payson. I tell you, before this I probably felt nauseated fewer times than I could count on my fingers in my whole life (that I can remember). It’s pretty disconcerting. In addition, my left knee hates long car rides, and will probably lock up into severe pain before we reach our destination today. Hooray, severe pain!

Anyway, yeah. I’m taking my laptop with me this time, so theoretically I’ll be able to check my normal email account with it. The idea is that I’ve volunteered to help Joey Manley out, looking at some things he’s trying in the Safari browser, so I figure I should at least have a Mac and a copy of Safari with me. I don’t know how much time I’ll have available, seeing as my dad and I are supposed to be hanging sheetrock for the next three days. I hope to get in a movie or two though, while I’m down there. I hope they managed to get my harkins popcorn shirt into a load of laundry in the last couple of weeks.

So… yeah. Did I mention that I’ve got most of my artwork hanging gallery-like for sale in the shop I run up here? Yep. I did some research on pricing of art in the area, and set all my prices pretty accordingly. Which means for you that after May 03rd, after the SaveME Sale is over, all the prices on the website will be marked up 200%-400% to match the prices I’ve marked in the store. So buy now, people! While they’re still cheap! When I get back from Phoenix I should have a new doodle or two to put up, too. I plan on doing at least all the drawings for the next New Comic, if not the next couple, while I’m away. Of course, at this point much of the work is in Photoshop, and I am NOT taking my scanner (though it DOES fit in my backpack)… but I am taking couple of scetchbooks and at least three good drawing pencils.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that the Modern Evil Virtual Book Club is supposed to meet online tonight about the Foundation Trilogy. Anyone who’s read it is welcome to join us. Actually, I think we’re allowing anyone who’s even just finished the first book, though I warn that it is likely that important details from the 2nd and 3rd books may be revealed during our discussion. I fear there may be two people in a one-line, dial-up-only house who both want to be in on the discussion tonight, but who knows? I haven’t been contacted by anyone new about how to get in. Remember, email me to find out how to join the fun in MSNIM.

I’m going down for breakfast now, and then on the road. See you later!

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