Getting ‘back’ into comics

So, yeah. It seems like all of a sudden I’m getting more involved in comics that I’ve been in a year or more lately. Last year I didn’t even attend the International Comic Convention in San Diego, but this year I’m not only registering as a professional, I’ve volunteered to speak about publishing comics on the internet (we’ll see if they want me involved, I’m sure alot of other people did too, I’ve just been doing it since 1999). And I’ve been doing ‘New Comic’, what I consider my best effort in comics to date. AND I’m considering submitting New Comic to Modern Tales for consideration to fill Patent Pending’s spot, and I think I can run it on the same schedule he was (ie: every two weeks). AND I just emailed Joey Manley (head of Modern Tales) to volunteer my Web programming/PHP experience to try to fix their woes with the Safari browser I use and am so fond of.

What the heck?

I guess, of course, that I probably shouldn’t have let myself slack off last year, I should have been in on MT from the beginning, I should have been doing quick strips the whole time. Comics is something I’ve been doing since I was 4 or 5 years old, before I knew it was comics. Art is something I’ll always do. Of course, real life has got in the way time and again, but I think I’ve got myself in a pretty good place right now, where art, and thus comics, ARE my life. The in between, the getting from there to here, is why you had to wait two months for the third New Comic. As soon as I was up here, I was working on the next installment. I’ve already got some sketches for the fourth one, expect to see it before the April 15th deadline for me to submit a comic to Modern Tales. Plus I’m finally working out the intricate story details for a comic I’ve been wanting to do since summer 2000, but simply haven’t had the time. Depending on how much time New Comic takes up (ie: whether Joey will love it and I’ll be picked up for a regular schedule, or whether it will stay here on Modern Evil & I’ll doo it at my leisure), my new project may or may not see the light of day in the next six months. When it does appear, it will be the beginning of the prologue to the real story. You know, because I was roughing out the story and found that I needed approximately a year’s worth of daily comics to tell just the prologue. When I get THAT one going, I don’t think MT could pass it up. It’s a very rich and detailed story with interesting characters and a significant historical and aetherial background to draw from. Plus, it keeps going well after the battle at Armaggedon, so… You know, it has stayng power. Oh yeah, and it’s experimental, using non-standard connectivity of panels and a virtually infinite canvas to tell the story in… well, I shouldn’t say. Someone else will do it before I can get it published, if I say. But if they ask me to be in that panel, I’ll do my darndest to get it started and online before the Con, and I’ll talk about it there.

I’m going to go down for breakfast now. Have a good day, everybody.

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