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So in arbitrarily picking Drawing for my MW class and 2D Design for my TTh class, I managed to not only get both classes in the Art Building (Apparently the bulk of the core classes (ie: freshman-level) are not taught in the Art Building but instead in the Tower Center. Go Figure.), but also to end up in the only 2D Design course offered with an emphasis on computers. The required text is a website. All the assignments are online, and the first one is my choice of physical or entirely digital. It happens to be something that my digital art experience (and computer hardware at home) is particularly well-suited for, so I plan on doing it all digitally. Sort of. I have actually begun working out some ideas on paper to get a feel for what I want to accomplish. Still, the bulk of the work will be directly digital using the graphics tablet I paid so much for for so little use to date.

The teacher is pretty forward-thinking when it comes to computers, though he doesn’t expect the class to have advance knowledge of how to use them. My impression is that a lot of the class will take place in the computer lab instead of the regular classroom, which suits me just fine. The lab is, of course, a Mac lab, being for Art students. Which suits me just fine. Everything is on OS 9. Which is okay, I guess.

Also, I don’t seem to have to lug a lot of stuff to the 2D design class, which I appreciate, since I have to lug so much to the Drawing class. I even managed to buy an expensive drawing board in the wrong size (likely because I trusted the sales clerk instead of triple checking everything, and was pretty frazzled and late at the time) to fit in the large portfolio (20″+ by 26″+) I bought, so I get to carry those two things and a tackle-box-like device for art supplies back and forth to class Mondays and Wednesdays. I think everything I need for 2D Design will fit in my backpack at the largest, except for that tacklebox full of pencils and stuff, but that’s a lot more reasonable to carry than two items larger than 20″x26″.

So, that’s all well and good and so far, I seem to be doing fine, although I haven’t got any feedback from either teacher on the work we’ve been doing in class. In Drawing class yesterday, I followed along and did what I could to create some Mass Gesture and Line Gesture images, and the teacher was walking around the whole time giving feedback to various students, but never got to me. Now, in a 1hr class, I could understand easily that there simply isn’t enough time to work individually with everyone, or in a 30-seat class, sure. This class is 3hrs long and there are 14 students.

I’ll probably get feedback when I turn it in next week. We’ll see.

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  1. Everything is on OS 9. Which is okay, I guess.

    Are you saying that Classic Mac OS is just okay?!?!


    BLASPHEMY!!! *grin*

    Apple is sheer brilliance…

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