The new, new iMac

So I’m already trying to figure out how to get my hands on one of the new 17″ iMacs with the GeForce4 graphics and 80Gb HD instead of the tiny 15″ iMac with GeForce2 graphics and 60Gb HD. Looking at eBay to see what people are paying for used 15″ iMacs… Trying to figure out when Apple will start bundling the new version of Mac OS X (that would cost me $129 to upgrade my current computer to, but that would be included in the cost of a new one) so I can take advantage of that. The new iMac only costs a couple hundred more than I paid for mine, and they re-lowered the cost of the model I bought to the price I paid, which shouldn’t make too much difference considering people are paying nearly full retail for used machines on eBay.

The only complaints I had with the iMac when I bought it in January were the size/resolution of the screen and the graphics aren’t at least GeForce3. Since then, I have filled over 2/3 of my 60Gb HD, so that change is nice, too.

The problem now is money. If I’m patient, I can probably get $1800+ for my existing iMac. It is in good condition, I have all the original materials, plus I upgraded the internal RAM to 512MB. Theoretically the rest of the 1yr warranty would still apply, too. Even if I get that, it still leaves almost $500 difference to pay ($200 for the screen upgrade plus $250 for the RAM upgrade on the new machine, plus shipping), and I don’t think I have a spare $500 right now. If I consider that I would be saving the $129 for the OS upgrade I would surely buy, that helps psychologically, but not actually.

I will examine my money situation. School is more important than a couple inches of screen real-estate. Food, too. I’ll have to see.

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