Some little touches

I’ve enhanced the little outliner for the front page of Modern Evil. Now everything is a little neater, the layout is a little more clear, a little cleaner, and added extra links to the bottom of the text Excerpts and the date and time of the items to the expanded view so you can get a better idea of how recently everything had been updated.

I’m thinking about doing a similar thing with the “most recently commented on” section, but I’m not sure how best to impliment that. Should I show part of the original item only, or part of the original item and part of the most recent comment, or only the most recent comment, or what? A little picture of a monkey?

Anyway. I may get a chance to do that this weekend, or I may just be cleaning up and re-arranging things this weekend, plus doing my homework, studying for my midtern for Tuesday, and maybe seeing a couple of the movies I haven’t seen yet. If I get a chance.

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