Things to do today

So much I have to do, so much time it will take. More things to do than hours in the days, which has been a handy excuse for not getting things done for the last couple of weeks. Which has been a handy way to make everything I have to do take longer to get done. What’s the plan for today? What’s the plan?

Not a lot of TV to watch tonight. Everything’s had its season finale but Queer As Folk, I think. Which means I can work on other things until … 10PM, I guess. That should give me plenty of time, actually.

Here are the fun details of what I plan to do with my day, because I know you care about the piddling details of my day-to-day life: I’m going to start the laundry and while the laundry is going try to work my way through all the dishes from the last three weeks or so, then try to sanitize the kitchen. By the time I get done with the kitchen, the laundry should be enough done that I can get started ironing. I haven’t been keeping up with my laundry as much as I should for the last 5 or 6 weeks, and I definitely haven’t been ironing. (Incidentally, I believe I now have more clothes than I have space to put them. I plan on converting the room my sister just moved out of into a closet of sorts, but I have to be able to go to the store to buy the big stuff for that project first, and I … don’t really have the means for that right now. Or probably the money.) Okay, so ironing and then I have to mow my lawns and poison them and if I find the energy finally rake up that corner of the yard I haven’t got to yet since I moved in almost a year ago (that exaggerating a little; I have got to it somewhat – I cut the oleander that was growing there out – I just haven’t raked up the years and years of accumulated oleander leaves and rotting pecans that it was shadowing yet). Then what? Well… I’m about done with my re-arranging furniture madness (you’d have to have seen how everything was before, and then see it now to really get an idea of how everything has been shifted), but there’s still quite a lot of stacks of little things with no places that I need to find places for. Oh, and I need to enter quite a lot of data into Quicken; I haven’t been keeping up with that lately, either. It’ll probably be mad at me for spending so much money in Vegas. I didn’t tell it I was going to Vegas. It’ll probably tell me I can’t close one of my accounts as soon as I had planned. Which is fine. I’m still on track to avoid debtors’ prison. And …. what else…. You know, this is a lot about me writing down everything I need to do so I don’t forget to do everything…. Like .. cleaning the tops of my washer and dryer. They’ve become oh-so-filthy lately.

And I suppose I should study for my mid-term this Tuesday and do my reading homework for class, too. Donne, Milton, Hobbes and Locke.

I guess that’s about it. I’ve got eight hours now, so I should be able to get most, if not all of that done, depending upon how my energy reserves hold out. I suppose I should eat something, too. You know. For fuel.

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