How about that?

So now on the front page of Modern Evil you can read a bit of a preview of the most recently updated things in a sort of outline format. Just click the little arrow to expand or contract each item. If you have any trouble with this, please let me know by emailing me at I’ve still got to update a couple dozen little bits to get all the pages giving the same size preview, but that should be finished in a few minutes.

Theoretically this should help you to determine whether or not you have read the content a little better than just a title was doing. Oh, and if you’re among the people who can post stuff to Modern Evil, you can put a summary of what you’ve written in the “Excerpt” field, and that is what will appear when people expand on that item instead of the first 50 words or so, which is what will appear if you leave the “Excerpt” field blank.

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