Exhaustion Strikes at Lunch!

This morning I got up out of bed at the normal time, allowing me to eat some breakfast & make some lunch and even check my email before I had to rush out the door on the way to work. I didn’t feel particularly groggy or physically exhausted. Not even as much as I usually do on a Monday morning (although I did get to bed about 1/2hr sooner than most Sunday nights, due to some re-runs). The whole morning I felt suprizingly awake and alert; not like I had got enough sleep, but not reflecting the extra energy I exerted this weekend, the odd sleeping hours, and the reduced sleep last night. I even managed to go the whole morning without getting hungry (perhaps my body is still trying to digest the insane amount of food I had at the buffet at the Rio yesterday and all the ice cream on the way home), and I had even brought a yogurt to eat in case that happened. So I’ve been plugging along, feeling fine, got to my lunch hour, ate my sandwich (Yum!: Honey Ham and Cheddar Cheese on Jewish Rye with fat free mayo. Mustard might have helped, but it was good) and went outside to try to read some of the reading assignment for ENG 221.

I don’t know if it was the temperature change (it’s dreadfully cold inside and quite warm outside) or what, but all of a sudden, I needed to lay my head down. I realised this could be a problem and set my phone to go off just before I was supposed to walk back inside, then I collapsed literally into my book for about twenty minutes. At which time using my hands as a pillow cut off enough bloodflow and sensation that I lifted my head, turned 90 degrees and laied down on the bench I was sitting on. Out for another ten minutes. My phone went off, I got up, and went inside and took a minute to fill my pitcher with crystal light; maybe I was just dehydrated. It took a couple of hours and a few pints of fluid, plus a lot of deep breathing, but I’m not feeling like I need to pass out from exhaustion (that reminds me to watch Gun Shy when I get a chance). Actually, I started writing this right after lunch, and have been interrupted by a great many things, and by now I feel about as good as I did this morning. I’m planning a quick trip to the grocer on the way home, but then a 30 or 60 minute nap before I settle in to do my homework. Without interruption, I believe I can do all my reading and responding in 5-6 hours tonight, so even with a nap I should be able to get to bed at a reasonable time.

Of course, tomorrow night in class we’ll be choosing the Shakespearean play that we’ll have to read in its entirety and respond to before Thursday morning at 9AM. That’s exactly 36 hours, 12 of which I will be working & no less than 12 of which I will be sleeping (though preferably 14 or 15), and between eating and travelling, another 4 hours. I sure hope I can read and comprehend and respond intelligently to an entire shakespeare play in 6-8 hrs.

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