Home again, home again

I got back from Vegas a couple of hours ago. Just in time to catch the Season finale of Six Feet Under, actually. I’m a little disappointed in their “cliffhanger”; will Nate survive his brain surgery? Will Claire get into Art School? How will having Rico a partner effect how the business is run? Will Keith ever learn anger management? Anyway.

Vegas was pretty good. Spent more time with Zoe’s extended family than doing anything else, including going to the strip. Learned that my body really, really doesn’t like air blowing across it, or sleeping more than 7 hours at a stretch. Confirmed that everything’s more fun with a monkey. Gambled something like $7.50 away; I’m such a big gambler. (Next time I go I want to try a couple spins at Roulette, but most tables I saw had a $10 minimum, so I’ll be gambling a little more next time. Maybe as much as $20 or $30 dollars!) Plans kept getting changed because of timing issues and everyone’s bodies’ requirements of sleep (It seems we can’t run much more than 20… maybe 22 hours at a stretch), so we’re looking into going back sometime in July and hitting all the clubs we missed this time around.

I got to go through the ride at the Star Trek Experience three times; that was a lot of fun. Increasing fun at every pass, actually. If you’ve ever been, it turns out Edison (my stuffed monkey) is the ancestor. Who knew? If you haven’t been through and you know what Star trek is and don’t hate it, I recommend The Star trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. At least go for a meal to Quark’s. the food is excellent, and the drinks are creative.

I’m going to go to bed quite soon. I’ll try to type more tomorrow.

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