Almost over

Last night was the last class meeting of my summer school course. We basically just had to turn in our papers, fill out the teacher evaluation, and that was it. I feel confident that the paper I turned in will earn me the grade I need in this class. (I did some quick math, and even not getting any points for Jane Austen, as long as I get 25 out of 30 points on the paper, I get an A in the class, and even if I get as low as 15 points on the paper, I still get a B in the class, which is sufficient to raise my ASU GPA to get into the Fall Semester automatically.) Based on this teacher’s scoring in the past, I should easily get sufficient points, possibly even an A on the paper.

The person who helped me a little with editing it wouldn’t give me as much credit for my finished work, since I basically didn’t change the wording of the first paragraph like she thought was so vital, but I expect I’ll do okay.

Oh yeah. Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. I still haven’t finished reading that yet. I’m almost halfway, actually. No way I could get through the whole thing before Tuesday morning at 9AM (yes, three days ago). Actually, I spoke to the teacher, and I have most of today to post my response to the book and my responses to other people’s responses. The Mansfield Park response was originally supposed to be two two-point responses, one on each half of the book, but because the class ran behind, it is now supposed to be one double-length response worth 4 points. SO what I’m thinking is that if I can get through the last 10-15 pages in the first half of the book (the teacher actually gave a cutoff point for the original assignment) and write a normal-sized response to that, and then appropriate attendance responses, I can get two points and have even more lee-way on my paper’s grade.

Did you follow that? Do you care?

I guess what that really means is that even though the class is over,I still have several hours of work left to do, and I still won’t be doing everything I was supposed to do for the class. Just so you know, I do plan on finishing this damned book, even though I can’t go back after today and get the other two points for it. Not just because of my sense of personal responsibility to complete the tasks I start, even after the reason for doing them has gone, but also because I keep hearing how important and fulfilling it is to read stuff like Austen, and I’m hoping maybe she’s just been building up to something. If I get to the end of this book and it’s just as sleep inducing as the beginning of the book, I don’t know how that will affect my perception of literature in general and Ausen in particular, but I expect it will make me question people who rave about Mansfield Park.

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