Look, it’s no big deal

So, you remember a little while ago I posted that I thought I was about to get a complaint? Well, that guy did complain, the next day. Weeks later, management managed to finally speak to me about it, by which time I had forgotten the entire event. We discussed it with the sort of vagueness that distance lends; no one was aware of the details or circumstances, so we kindof generally discussed why upsetting customers is bad. So, since several people have asked me to follow up on my meeting with “the man”, I have been meaning to, and finally got a chance to today, which reminded me that I had thought someone I talked to would complain. So, I cut-and-pasted the contents of that post (after proof-reading it) that kinda explained the nature of the call, and emailed it to my direct supervisor, who may end up sharing it with “the man”.

Note: I don’t think I’ve ever referred to my boss as “the man” before the other day, and do not do so in any other context than this message and that. Mostly it seems silly.

Another note: For some reason it smells like someone is re-heating dirty diapers for lunch.

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