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So, after much patient waiting, COX is finally delivering High Speed Internet Access to my neighborhood. I will be going down to a COX office this afternoon to “pick up my IP address”, whatever that means, and theoretically sometime on Thursday, they will “switch on” my access. I took a few minutes this weekend to put together my hardware package so that all I need to do right now is get a three-way coaxial splitter hooked up (somehow I only have a 2-way splitter – I know I used to have a 3-way!) and my new iMac will be set to start communicating with the internet as soon as they “switch it on” Thursday.

Then, when I have a little more “extra money” I’ll put Airport cards in the iMac and Powerbook and hook up an 802.11b access point and then I’ll be able to surf the web wirelessly and put my cable modem et al out of sight. The fewer cables visibly connecting to my iMac, the prettier it looks, I say. If they come out with a cheap 802.11b network/USB adapter for my printer, that’ll be one less wire, and I can … I don’t know … put my printer up to a couple hundred feet away from my computer.

Okay, getting a little off the subject here, but the bottom line is that quite a bit of interesting writing that I haven’t been able to capture for the last eight months or so will be pouring back into the site, effective Thursday, March 7th. (I hope.) I was musing to myself the other day about how many great and interesting things I have to say that never get written down or posted because it isn’t convenient. Some of it is lost because I have ideas while I’m at work and there just isn’t time in most workdays to write everything I think down coherently. It takes quite a bit of thought and concentration and time to get stuff out of my head and into a format that makes (some) sense. Concentration and time that I just don’t have available to me while being interrupted all day by whining morons. So, hopefully the ideas I have after work will appear immediately on the site, and the ones I have while at work will have enough time to be worked out after work.

We’ll see.

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