All the powers of yogurt, at human scale!

So, I was over at, looking at a little blurb about the upcoming video game based on the upcoming Spiderman movie, and I liked this:

IGN’s top five Worst Radioactive Things That Could Bite You:

5. Radioactive Badger

4. Radioactive Yogurt

3. Radioactive Yeast Infection

2. Radioactive Midget

1. Radioactive Tal Blevins

I guess Tal Blevins works at IGN or something, so that’s an inside joke, but MAN O MAN, wouldn’t having all the powers of Yogurt or a Yeast Infection, but scaled up to human size be a trip? With super-powers of yeast, could I turn grape juice into wine instantly? Also, why would a midget bite me? Just food for thought.

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