Smooth skin stretched tight ’round egg-shaped bone

Did I mention just how much I seem to like my head when it’s just been shaved and is still really, really bald? ‘Cause I seem to like it quite a bit. Of course, this is probably related to the fact that as the hair grows back in (all too quickly, I might add) it grows in patchy at best on the front 1/3rd of my head, and we both know that will only get worse over time. Which is why I shaved my head in the first place.

Those of you who have been paying attention have heard me mentioning that I was going to be shaving my head for up to a couple of years now, with increasing reminders and shorter and shorter haircuts leading up to . . . the two-year anniversary of the last time I “cut all my hair off”. One more year & I would have started to look unfashionably thinning/balding, and wouldn’t have made it to the next new year without giving up and shaving my head arbitrarily. Plus, I got a chance to see the fullness that my facial hair is currently capable of by letting it grow for three months unencumbered. Plus, if you’ve seen The Royal Tenenbaums, just be glad I didn’t slit my wrists, too.

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